About Parent Coaching

What is Parent Coaching?

While you may have had some sort of athletic image in mind, this actually has to do with developing a strong and loving bond between a parent and child. This type of coach serves parents in becoming loving and authoritative (not authoritarian), reducing power struggles and sharing control in the home. Yes, that means that happiness and harmony in the home with kids, IS possible!

A PCI Certified Parent Coach is a live parent guide, empowering parents to use the tools that come naturally for them. Like a super nanny, one-on-one parent coaching allows for real-time advice and real-time results. While it helps to have a plan in place, Challenge Coaching is also available as a one hour parent coaching session for those unexpected challenges that pop up along the way.

Parent Coaching Through Impact Parenting

Through Impact Parenting, parent coaching is a great way to receive Love and Logic® tools, and various other tips and tricks from a certified parent coach and exerienced mother of three – in ways that are tailored to the issues that arise from your own unique family, and personality.

Do you live outside of the Greater Seattle Area? Find out about Online Parenting Classes and Coaching.