Mom and Dad are always the experts of their own child. This is an image of a father holding his young son.

The Parent is the Expert

I have countless stories about how great parents were faced with difficult problems with their child – medical issues, learning challenges, and behavioral issues seem to be the top three. In a lot of the cases, a parent was told by a professional to go in one direction, but overtime trusted their gut and led their child in the right direction. If not, often times the parent ends up adjusting the professional’s direction to best meet their child’s need.

From my point of view, I think we as a society are “professionalizing” all parts of our lives. If we have a need, we want to look to the professional. However, when it comes to your child – as the parent, YOU are the expert. There is no one who knows your child better than you. So, I encourage you to trust your gut. If you think something is medically wrong with your child, seek out the help you need and don’t stop until your gut is satisfied. Moms and dads, if you are dealing with behavior problems, seek out the help you need:

  • Parenting support: classes and coaching do wonders!
  • Tutors for the individual focus.
  • Occupational Therapy for sensory integration problems
  • Speech therapy: if a child can’t communicate, frustration is high.
  • Parent Child Interaction Training (PCIT) is a helpful approach to strengthen the bond and sharing control.
  • Natural Paths: this is a great resource for chronic issues like food sensitivities and gluten intolerances.

Any other ideas you want to add to this list of professional resources?

The bottom line is, a good parent seeks help from the professionals. A great parent will direct that process to fit their unique child.

Here are some Practical Tips on Tailoring any Parenting “Program” to Your Individual Child

I love Love and Logic® because the goal isn’t to completely take over the household, but to give the parent(s) the tools that can help them build on the strengths they already have.

I am a certified Parent Coach and a Love and Logic® facilitator. If you are struggling with an area in the relationship with your child, please contact me and we can figure out if Parent Coaching is a fit for you.

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