Build a strong relationship while homeschooling. This is an image of a boy doing homework.

Homeschooling Parents: Relationship is Key

I recently received an email from a parent who home schools her two boys. She asked if there were any Love and Logic® tools for home school parents. Through my own experience homeschooling my daughters, as well as coaching other parents in the Seattle area – two fantastic resources came to mind:
  1. The Love and Logic® page for educators.
  2. A CD called “Winning the Homework Battle”
Both resources will give her simple ideas on how to teach her sons two important skills. In this post, I’ll cover “Relationship is Key”, then address Taking Responsibility next week.

Relationship is Key

Good educators know the most important thing they can do the first month of school is to develop a trusting relationship with each student. Google it, there is so much research on this topic. Here is just one paper written on the subject…
In context of a parent being the teacher it is important the parent does all they can to be a good consultant parent.
Here are the three key tools from Love and Logic® that will help:
  1. Choices. Choices help to avoid power struggles. Here is a post about how to give choices…
  2. Use Enforceable Statements. Good teachers avoid telling kids what to do, instead they share with them what they are willing to do for the student or allow. Example: “I allow anyone to go out to recess when their tasks are completed” or “I am happy to read when it is quiet”. Can a home schooling parent do the same? Oh yes!
  3. Energy Drain. This a great tool because if always provides plenty of time for the child to think about the consequences that might be coming. Here is a MP3 download from Love and Logic® outlining how to use the consequence of Energy Drain
  4. Empathy: Be sure to use a lot of empathy and stay calm as you allow consequences to impact.
A parent being the teacher can be very difficult. Not many students will say no to a teacher and whine like they will with a parent. But the one-on-one time and individual teaching a child gains from being home schooled can be so wonderful, especially when a parent uses great tools to increase relationship and responsibility skills.

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  1. Thank you for your tip Liann. We are going to start home schooling this year and this tip is great. As a Love and Logic teacher myself in Arizona, I love to use the Love and Logic parenting tools with my kids and with my clients. So thanks for your contribution.

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