Being a great parent doesn't happen by coincidence. This is an image of a lucky horseshoe.

Good Parenting Isn’t Just Luck

Parent On Purpose

Good parenting is done on purpose. Years ago, young parents learned parenting from their parents. In fact, many times young parents lived with extended family making parenting a shared experience. Due to couples having children later in life, changes in geographic area and other influencing factors, parents are much more on their own.

In Parenting, Don’t Just “Wing It”

These changes make it more important to seek out good parent education and support. The key is to find the parenting program that fits your personality, and is effective and simple enough to remember in the heat of a power struggle. My husband and I were blessed to have guidance and help from my mom and dad, but the thing was they had never dealt with as strong willed of a child as our oldest. That is why we found Love and Logic®.

Love and Logic® was simple enough that we could remember how to use it and in a very short period of time – effectively. We certainly had to work at it. Over-time we felt confident and even our parents would comment that we had a handle on things.

4 Ways to be Intentional as a Parent

So what are the best tools you can use to parent on purpose?

  1. Choices. No matter what parenting program you use. Choices are a part of the tools. Lean on them, use them and enjoy the relationship that develops because you share control with your kiddos.
  2. Set firm limits with a calm tone. The more upset you get the worse things are.
  3. Less is more. Less activities and more time together working on living together. Yes I said working! Chores are contributions to the family. Less sport and entertainment activities that only focus on the kids. Be a family on purpose!
  4. If you are married, stay married. Work on your relationship to the best of your ability. Children win when parents stay together – modeling love, respect, forgiveness, and grace.

There are no perfect parents. The Bible outlines in Proverbs that if you train your children in the ways they should go, they will return to it. Now Proverbs is not a promise book, it is a guide book. Basically, it means do your best. By striving to be good parents, we can have an impact for generations to come.

One thought on “Good Parenting Isn’t Just Luck”

  1. Great article! We all have so many choices when it talks about parenting. I agree that disciplining our kids will not be effective if we will do it in a strict and harsh way. Learn to be soft so they will understand well why you are correcting them.

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