Parents should worry less and listen to their baby. This is an image of a mom with her newborn.

Follow Your Baby’s Lead

We’re talking about babies. Try not to worry about failing as a mom. Babies have built in triggers to make sure that we know what they need. So mom, just listen to your baby and enjoy this special time in your child’s life.

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Video Transcription


It’s time to talk about babies. Babies are so awesome. They’re so little for such a short time, and you know as a young mom I know I was really nervous; am I doing it all right, am I okay, and really trying to meet all of my little precious daughters needs and do it just perfectly. For one, you’ll never do it perfectly, but I really encourage you to just sit back and relax. Babies naturally get what they need.

They cry, I mean they have built in radar’s to make sure that they get what they need. They’ll cry until they get what they need. That is their number one alarm that you can listen and watch for.

So, the other thing that if you’re just wanting to do it all right, the best thing you can do is look deeply into your infants eyes, and do lots of facial contact, lots of eye contact, and lots of physical touch with the baby, and then just follow your babies lead, and you won’t fail as a mom.

You look into the eyes, you do physical touch, and you follow that babies lead, respond to the cries, and I know there’s a lot out there about sleep training etc, and you’re not going to be responding all the time to a babies cry, but under two years of age it’s really important to respond to those cries, because your child is telling you they have a need.

After two years then we get into some wants and we definitely need to set limits against wants. Under two years of age children basically just have needs. They need eye contact, that physical communication, and touch for bonding. They need to be fed, they need to be cleaned, and the need to have vocabulary given to them.

So, anything that your baby’s asking for under two just a really good rule of thumb, give it. Enjoy that infant, it won’t be little and cute forever.

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