School bus bullying. This is an image of a row of school buses.

Shame on the School District – Bus Monitor Bullied Part 1

First off, I want to warn you that this series will be a little different than my normal posts on practical parenting tips and tools. I found this story fascinating, and perhaps, the media coverage even more so. Also, I feel that there is much we can learn from these incidents as parents, and we all want to be better parents don’t we?

In regards to the bus monitor being bullied, I really put much of the responsibility on the school district. Knowing that bullying and school bus rides go hand in hand, the school districts failure to prepare their employee for bullying should not go unnoticed. BJC Healthcare School Outreach ranks buses as the number two place for bullying, second only to the playground, “The bus is noted by nearly 25 percent as the place for serious incidents of bullying”.

Why No Training?

Love and Logic® is not brain surgery. It is a curriculum  that many school districts use to give tools to all their employees. What should have, or could have the bus monitor done?

Here are some bus monitor bullying response ideas:

  1. Have a policy when the bus monitor feels the environment on the bus unsafe, signal the driver to pull over as soon as possible.
  2. Simple repeat to the children causing the problem: “The bus will continue when respectful words are used.”
  3. All offenders will be suspended from the bus after the crisis is over.

It is actions that teach, not warnings, threats or ignoring dangerous behavior, bullying is dangerous!

When I watch the bus monitor’s interview. I noticed when asked why she did not write the students up, she said that school was almost out and nothing would be done about it. Shame on the school district for not training their employee. It is always key to give kids predictable consistent consequences so they see adults as powerful, and trustworthy.

How do you think the other children on the bus felt when all this was happening? The problem they all fear at school when out of teachers’ sight is being tolerated right before their very eyes. In my opinion, they are the ones who should get the million dollars and it should be the school district that pays.

How does this relate to parenting? It is your actions that teach. Be sure you always bring calm predictable consequences to your child. This is how kids learn.

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