Developing character in teenagers. This is an image of a hard working boy.

Build Character in Your Teen

I was recently reminded of the importance of developing character in our teenagers through the interaction I‘ve had with a young man who has been doing some work around the house for me.

Video: How to Develop Character in Teenagers

  • Chores Help Build Character. Here are some practical tips on chores.
  • Modeling Helps Build Character. Your teens will learn from what you do, not what you lecture on. Here’s a post I have written on modeling.

How can you build character in your teen?

Video Transcription


Thanks for joining me today. Today we’re going to talk about building character in teenagers. Jim Fay has a great CD called, Building Character in Teenagers. And I recently met a teenager at, just right into college kid, just 19 years old, that really exemplifies what Jim talks about in the CD on building character in teens. He is in baseball and he works his butt off in baseball. And all his life he’s been doing sports. But you know what else was combined with the sports was chores.

He was required every day to participate in the family’s chores. And he knows how to dig ditches, how to paint, how to clean, how to organize. And that all happened in early childhood, elementary, while he worked alongside his mom and dad. He combined their… his parents combined the effort, the hard work of sports and dedication with chores. So important to do both.

So often, we get our kids in sports and that’s all they do. And we’re all, we’re just watching and looking and driving and the chores go off to the side.

I really encourage you, combine chores and sports together and boy is there a great outcome with this. I love this kid. He works for me every week and he just rocks it. I really encourage you; check out the CD and get those principles going in your children.

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