Good Parenting Isn’t Just Luck

Parent On Purpose Good parenting is done on purpose. Years ago, young parents learned parenting from their parents. In fact, many times young parents lived with extended family making parenting a shared experience. Due to couples having children later in life, changes in geographic area and other influencing factors, parents are much more on their … Continue reading Good Parenting Isn’t Just Luck

Teaching Children to Cover their Mouths Before Coughing

Recently, I observed a parent tell their child to cover their mouth when the child coughed. No big deal. Here is the issue though: in about an hour time frame she told him 15 times. Not once did the child cover his mouth. He simply ignored her. What went wrong? Why could she not teach … Continue reading Teaching Children to Cover their Mouths Before Coughing

Homeschooling Parents: Teaching Responsibility

Aside from building a strong relationship with the child as I wrote about previously – when homeschooling, mom can teach her children to take responsibility for their own problems. This is so important for all parents to teach, whether they are homeschooling or not. The ability to take responsibility for your own actions without blaming … Continue reading Homeschooling Parents: Teaching Responsibility

Homeschooling Parents: Relationship is Key

I recently received an email from a parent who home schools her two boys. She asked if there were any Love and Logic® tools for home school parents. Through my own experience homeschooling my daughters, as well as coaching other parents in the Seattle area – two fantastic resources came to mind: The Love and … Continue reading Homeschooling Parents: Relationship is Key

The Family Meal

I recently taught a mom and dad a simple but powerful tool: eating using the family meal style. It was wonderful to hear that after two weeks, they had made eating family meal style a regular experience in their household. Before I go into a more detailed description, there were two comments that came from … Continue reading The Family Meal

Kids are Empowered when they Give

I work at a great children, family and community support agency in my small town. It is a privilege to be a part of an organization that helps so many in my community. Recently, I received an email from our community support manager asking if any of my clients in need would be interested in … Continue reading Kids are Empowered when they Give

Great Parents Resist Stubbornness

Have you ever experience a lack of motivation to adjust your parenting strategy? Have you ever just been fed up? Is there any hope/point to working on this relationship with my child/step-child? Legitimate Parenting Concerns Overcome them. It’s worth it. Parenting Story #1 In the book “Cure for the Common Life” Max Lucado shares a … Continue reading Great Parents Resist Stubbornness

Follow Your Baby’s Lead

We’re talking about babies. Try not to worry about failing as a mom. Babies have built in triggers to make sure that we know what they need. So mom, just listen to your baby and enjoy this special time in your child’s life. Video: Listen To Your Baby Video Transcription   It’s time to talk … Continue reading Follow Your Baby’s Lead

Kids, Manners, and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time we set aside each year to step back and count our blessings. This is a lot easier to do when our kids use manners! I recently met with a mom in the seattle area for parent coaching; she asked a great question: “How do I teach manners?” She shared she had … Continue reading Kids, Manners, and Thanksgiving

Sometimes Love Doesn’t

I’m reading a great book called “Love Does” by Bob Goff. Bob outlines how to love people through what you do, not what you say. As a Christian, this hits home because, let’s face it, throughout history Christians’ words don’t match up to their actions. I also think that part of the reason this message … Continue reading Sometimes Love Doesn’t