The school year is coming!

As parents our lives seem to be focused by the school calendar. Although I was always very happy for my three daughters to be with me all summer in June, oh the freedom of the summer by about August 20th or so I was ready for the routine of the school year. So, that routine is coming. That means the familiar stresses of getting kids out the door ON TIME  with lunches and back packs in hand is at your door step!

Here is a tool to help you remove the stress from the tasks at hand: Choices! No matter the age, choices remove the power struggle and hand the power on your terms to the child. An example is to ask your 5 year old what color of shirt he would like to wear today, RED or BLUE? Give the choice on your terms but he has the control of which one. You will be surprised how easily he gets dressed when he has control…shared control. Here is a list of other easy but productive areas that choices can move kids along and out the door on time.
  • What to eat for breakfast
  • Which shoes to wear
  • Go to school with jacket on or in your pack pack?
  • Choices around what they will eat for lunch…by the way if they pack it, they will eat it
The Rules around this tools are:
1.You as the parent are deliriously happy with the choices
2. You only offer two choices
3. If the child does not not make a choice in in 10 seconds, you do.