The Last Kick in Love and Logic

What happens about 3 weeks after you apply a new parenting strategy? The “Last Kick.” Here’s the series: Your child had a difficult time at first with the new responsibility but then obeyed, i.e. stayed in their room for “time out” etc. But then about 3 weeks later…the behavior is back with a vengeance. This is known as the last kick. It is your child testing the limit that was set. So what to do? Be consistent! This tells your child that the limit set still exists. The good news is that the behavior should not show it self again, yeah!

Also, remember to have fun with your kids: 90% of the time your job is to communicate with, laugh with and celebrate with your children. Yes, 10% is about all the Love and Logic strategies we learn, but it is all for the 90% of great times and the outcome of responsible adult and great relationship now and in the future!

Have great week!

Love and Logic Choices

Today I taught a class and a parent shared about how well a typical parenting moment went when he applied his new tools of Love and Logic.

As he described getting his son up and dressed for the day, he said “I didn’t do it my old way…you know tell him to up, hurry up and get dressed, instead I gave him choices of shirts and sock colors, it worked so well!”

This is a great example of how choices can neutralize power struggles. If you have a success story, please share, if you have a struggle, please share…we are all in this parenting groove together! Have a great day…it is sunny in Seattle!